The paranormal investigation process includes research into the haunted location history as well as an interview with the client.  Paranormal equipment is used to detect ghosts, spirits and other entities.  Additionally, our team has several psychic mediums who add great insight into your situation.

During the research process, we interview the client to determine what kind of paranormal phenomenon is taking place. We will also look into the history of the building and the land to see if there is any relevant history  that might contribute to the phenomenon.

     During an investigation we will collect data with a variety of instruments such as infrared video cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, electromagnetic field detectors (EMF), digital thermometers, voice recorders, the spirit box and more. We do NOT use ouija boards, seances or other forms of summoning in order to research the paranormal. 

     We respect our clients' right to privacy.  

There are no charges for any of the services when we travel to your home or place of business.