Ohio Ghost Hunters is an elite paranormal team and the largest in Ohio.  We are diverse,  highly experienced and professional,  with both scientific and psychical mediums/investigators who specialize in obtaining evidence of ghosts, entities, and other haunting and paranormal phenomenon.  We investigate evidence of the paranormal throughout Ohio and surrounding states, using well established methods which have worked time and time again. 

     Often it’s not just evidence that our clients are seeking, but ANSWERS.  What distinguishes us from others is that we help individuals, families, and businesses experiencing problems with the paranormal.  It's not enough to just give you evidence that "something" is there.  We understand that you also want to know what to do about it.   Each case is treated individually with unique solutions specific to your situation.

     We are based in Ohio, with team members throughout the state, including but not limited to Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Akron and Cleveland.  We frequently investigate in surrounding states as well.